The Best Ways to Wear Blue Eye Shadow

The Best Ways to Wear Blue Eye Shadow

At the Versace Fall 2009 fashion show, models sported enigmatic, dark blue peepers. Blue was also the color of choice at Nicole Miller, Rebecca Taylor, and Tibi. When something pops up at multiple fashion shows, it is practically an emerging trend.

But if you are a little apprehensive about strutting out in such a hard-to-pull of color, top makeup artist and global creative design director for P&G Beauty, Pat McGrath shares a few tips with Elle on how to wear blue eye.

"When you go out at night be brave and play with color. It’s all about having fun with your makeup," says McGrath.

If runway looks are too audacious for your taste, you can always tone things down, or modify them to suit your style. "You can do a classic smoky eye and add a little blue at the center of the lid. Or you can opt for just a flash of color by doing a wet blue dot on the inner corner of the eye," suggest the makeup expert. "You can also blend blue eye shadow with a brown one and do a small tick at the outer edges with blue eye liner."

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