Nail Trends to Match Your Skin Tone

nailsCND training manager and Fashion week Roxanne Valinoti names her fall nail forecast to Read on to find out your how you can pull of the coming season’s nail trends.

Skin Tone

Valinoti says people’s skin tones are thought of in terms of warm and cool. If you’re not sure what’s yours, Valinoti shares this neat trick: "Generally speaking, if you like gold jewelry and look good wearing it, your skin is warm-toned. If you wear a lot of silver then your skin tone is on the cooler side."



Nudes were really hot for spring. But that does not mean you can’t wear nude for fall. Valinoti says they’re stylish for this coming season as well. Just steer clear of your pink-tinted nudes. "The It Nude for fall is what I call ‘grayge’-a gray-beige that’s opaque and mannequin-like," says Valinoti. To get the right "grayge" shade for your skin color, choose a beige color that matches your skin tone, and then add a couple of drops of black nail lacquer for a gray tint. Valinoti says, the result will have "a lengthening effect on hands and fingers."


Think jewel tones and shades various shades of black. To get the right "dark" shade this fall, think gunmetal. Valinoti says, "We did a lot of gunmetal grays this season," she says. "It’s a spin-off of the dark trend we’ve been seeing, and it complements all skin tones." Create your own gray shade by mixing a metallic silver polish with a touch of black.


Sexy red nails never seem to go out of style. "You can never go wrong with it," says Valinoti. But while really dark and/or blue-based reds look good on practically everyone, Valinoti says only warm skin tones will look good wearing orange-based hues as skin tones on the cooler side will look washed out.


Moon Manicure

"One of the biggest trends for fall is the moon manicure-also known as the reverse French manicure," says Valinoti. The style was spotted at the runways of Thakoon, Ruffian, and Threeasfour. "The look is definitely back," adds Valinoti.

Matte Texture

Buffed-black nails are out. Matte texture, definitely in. "There weren’t a lot of dark matte shades this season," says Valinoti. "We’ve done it for L.A.M.B. in the past, but this time around, most of the matte nails were lighter colors. Deep shades look better with high shine." If you’re a hankering after matte textured nails, skip the buffing session post-application and get a hold of one of the new matte top coats out that are now available.


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