Get Your Feet Sandal Ready for Summer

Farmhouse Fresh


Your poor feet have been cooped up for months in high-heeled boots for the past several months – which means they’re far from ready to be displayed in sexy sandals and carefree flip-flops this coming season.

Aside from the being cooped up in leather for nearly half a year, the past winter’s freezing temperatures definitely stripped your heels of moisture.

To remedy your little foot situation, Grand Relax Center in Brooklyn shares some information to prep your feet for summer.

Avoid having the dead skin razor-sloughed off your feet at salons. Although it’s good to have dead skin removed, frequent sloughing causes thicker callous to form eventually.

Using pumice stone is better than salon razor to scrub dead skin off your feet.

At home, alter your pumice stone routine by scrubbing your feet after you bathe.

Why? Because pumice is most effective when skin is damp, not wet.

After you exfoliate, apply moisturizer onto your feet to prevent them from drying. recommends Farmhouse Fresh’s Honey Heel Glaze which has honey, aloe leaf juice, and pineapple and papaya extracts.

Image source: Farmhouse Fresh

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