Preparing Your Hair for Summer Needs

summer hair care

Sunny days are almost here. And while you anticipate summer’s arrival with thoughts about the beach and breezy, laid back days, your hair probably isn’t.

The summer heat can cause a lot of damage to your hair, so does salt water of the sea or chlorine-infused water of your pool. Check out the following items so you can better prepare for your hair’s summer needs.

Start with cleaning your tresses with a gentle yet effective shampoo. Afterwards, apply conditioner to the mid-shaft and ends of you hair only. Use a large toothed comb to make sure hair strands are covered evenly, then rinse thoroughly.

If you’ll be spending your day by the beach or pool, don’t forget to apply leave in conditioner on your hair. Bring other products that you can spray onto your hair to protect it from the sun and other harmful elements. Don’t forget your large toothed comb to distribute the product evenly from length to end.

If you’ll be spending your time with your hair up, use elastics or headbands that won’t pull on your hair too tightly. Opt for bands or elastics that will hold hair loosely. Or go for a cap or hat.

After spending your day under the sun, rinse you hair with cool water when you get home. This will get rid of chlorine, sand or dirt that made it’s way into your hair.

Use a light spray or leave in conditioner on the mid-shaft and ends of your hair to condition them.

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