Treating Dry Skin On Legs

dry skin on legsDry skin on the legs appears to be a common problem among adults as well as children. This can become particularly common during the colder months where the humidity is low. Dry skin on the legs can make them more susceptible to breaking and cracking, and sometimes, to a lot of pain and concern.

Using Moisturizers

The most effective way to treat dry skin on the legs is to use moisturizers. There are different types of moisturizers available that can help treat dry skin.

Their primary objective is to hydrate or moisturize the skin to prevent breakage and cracking usually associated with such conditions.

Moisturizers help provide the lost water into the skin. The type of moisturizer being used usually depends on the level of protection it provides or its moisturizing power.

Ointment Moisturizers– these are considered as the most effective in trying to moisturize dry skin. They help trap moisture into the skin in order to keep it hydrated. Ointment moisturizers are usually denser in consistency and offer the best protection against dry skin.

Oil Moisturizers– these are also effective but may be less greasy than ointment types.

Cream Moisturizers– these types of moisturizers are usually less dense than ointment moisturizers. Their emulsified condition makes them look white and consistent. Rubbing moisturizing creams on the skin continuously makes them disappear easily as the skin absorbs them.

Moisturizing Lotions– these are moisturizers containing a mixture of oil chemicals, water and alcohol. These moisturizers can feel less greasy due to their alcohol and water content. Although they are considered the most popular, such lotions may actually aid in drying the skin because of the alcohol that they contain.

Drinking Enough Water

If dry skin is becoming a regular problem, using moisturizers often may not usually help it disappear. A more effective method is by making sure of drinking enough water everyday.

Drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day can help keep the skin hydrated from the inside.

Eating Skin Friendly Food

Another means of preventing dry skin on the legs is by eating foods with nutrients that help keep the skin smooth and silky. Eating foods rich in vitamin A and E can greatly help keep your skin healthy.

Eating vitamin rich foods such as fruits and vegetables can help keep the skin healthy at the cellular level and not just from its visible portion.

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