Fashion Tips for Grandmother

fashion grandmotherFashion movers have a tendency to forget that not all women are young and slender. Women over 40 are hardly seen in spreads (let along covers) of fashion magazines.

However, just because there’s a lack of attention, that doesn’t mean lovely elderly ladies should look all frumpy and well, old.

Here are a few tips for beautiful older women to be fashionable at their age.


Now, just because you’re beginning to lose or have lost your youthful clothes doesn’t mean you have to wear shapeless clothes. Go for classic shapes and silhouettes such as shirtdresses and trenchcoats (avoid shawls as they scream "grandmother").

Go for solid-colored clothes in colors such as black, white, gray, camel. Don’t be afraid to wear your skirt a little high (around the knee area is appropriate) especially if you have great legs. Turtle necks are also a good investment. They can be worn anytime and look great at any age. Go for tailored looks with as little fuss as possible (buttons, trims, etc.)


Being sensual is not just for the young. You can be sensual at any age. But unlike younger girls, show off your sensual side by choosing elegant fabrics such as silk, cashmere and fur. Opt for deep colors such as plum, wine, etc.


Some older women go about the wrong way of avoiding looking old – by overdoing their makeup. Unfortunately this only makes them look older. Minimalism is the key. Go for a more natural look with a healthy glow.


Notice how very few older women have long hair. Some women think it’s too fussy to maintain long hair. But there are plenty of styles you can do with long hair: you can have your hair up in a simple ponytail or a French braid.


Fortunately in the handbag department there are plenty of classic designs that are suitable for wider age-range of women. Opt for some of Louis Vuitton’s or Chanel’s updated classics. Choose handbags that are proportionate to your size.


Accessories are great at any age. Be creative in wearing your jewelry. Long chain necklaces or a long string of pearls can be used as belts or as hairpieces.

Now elderly ladies and older women don’t have to look frumpy and old. Just stay healthy and stylish and you will age gracefully.

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