Prom Fashion Advices for Guy

Prom young coupleFor guys, putting on a formal dress for prom night is not really that complicated compared to girls. However, it is better to follow these guidelines to make your prom style red-carpet worthy.

Your signature look is your best look – You don’t need to drastically change your whole look come prom night. There are endless possibilities for your style to shine through your tuxedo. In choosing the right tux, you need to consider the jacket length, color, and what you choose to wear underneath (like oxford, vest, or tie).

Coordinate with your date – Before considering the look of your tuxedo, check with your date about the color and material of her dress. Ask her if she has any preference on your tux style (girls ultimately give the best fashion advice). A coordinating cummerbund or tie adds a really cool touch to your whole prom get-up.

Try being trendy – When we say trendy we mean “now” trendy, not “powder blue polyester from the 70s” trendy. Put on some smooth cufflinks or a cool lapel trim; neckties make you look sharp compared to traditional bowties; a cummerbund or a vest adds a classy touch. You can even check out celebrity red-carpet styles from magazines and put on a monochromatic (all in one color) look or add some quirky splash of color.

Check the little details – Aside from the tux, other things matter to make your prom look groovy. Have your hair trimmed a week before the prom and try styling it a few different ways to see what looks best on you. Put on some cologne, like Armani Mania or Polo Ralph Lauren. You should even consider the accessories that polishes and completes your look like hats, watches, and necklaces. And make sure your shoes are shined with no scuffs on the heels.

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