Grooms Fashion

groom fashionDuring weddings, the attention is mostly centered on the bride, especially with regards to the subject of dressing up and looking good. But that doesn’t mean that grooms should go to his wedding looking all rugged and frumpy. It’s his wedding after all.

Fashion Options

Depending on the theme of the wedding, the groom’s choice of clothes to his wedding is usually up to him. Also, modern day wedding styles have provided much more options for grooms’ wear. That means the tux is not the only option.

Formal Weddings

For a formal wedding, the groom’s attire is dependent what time of the day the wedding will be held. For instance, if the wedding is set in the morning a groom can wear an elegant lounge suit preferably in dark colors such as black, navy, or grey. For afternoon formal weddings, the groom can opt to wear a dark colored tuxedo. For an evening formal wedding, the groom should go for a dinner suit. For even more formal weddings the groom can opt to wear a white tie and coat tails.


No, it’s not just women who wear accessories. We’re not talking about bracelets and earrings here. There are several accessories available for grooms so they can smarten up their wedding garb. Some of these accessories are: vests, ties and tiepins, cufflinks, cummerbunds, hats, etc.

If you are dressing the bridesmaids and groomsmen, then it’s a good idea to coordinate their outfits. It need not be all matchy-matchy. They just need to look coordinated. Overly longs sleeves can be remedied using a pair of classic gold or silver armbands. Should also match, polished and worn with matching socks.

Informal Weddings

For informal or casual weddings, options are pretty much unlimited. The key is to match your attire to your wedding theme. Here are some examples of contemporary grooms’ fashion: Nehru jackets, longer length jackets, embroidered shirts, silk and satin vests, fat boy ties, etc.

Comfortable Fabrics

Grooms, keep in mind that you’ll be wearing your wedding outfit for the entire day, so make sure that you choose comfortable fabrics for your garment. Most experts recommend wool or wool/silk. They resist creasing and they hang well. Do not opt for cotton or linen because these are prone to wrinkling and creasing.


Think practically when you have your suit tailored. Tailored suits are expensive so it would be best to request for a traditional suit so you can get as much wear out of the suit as possible.

The Rented Suit

A lot of grooms (and including groomsmen) choose to rent suits. For one, it is less expensive than having your suit/s custom made. Also renting saves time and you can be sure your accessories are provided. It is best to look around ahead to time.

For one, formal suits are booked ahead of time. Plus, you can ask around and compare costs, availability and policy on repairs and returns. Also suits for render companies usually stock the latest fashion trends and provide important advice and professional and personalized service.

As the groom, you should make sure that all male wedding party attendees are available for their fittings. Also ensure your final fitting appointment time is confirmed.

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