Basic Wardrobe Pieces for Girls

teen fashion basicsThere are several types of wardrobe and accessories that merely come and go. It would be nice to blend in with the trend. Nevertheless, it would be greater to have and invest more on something that will never go out of style than something that is merely good for now. The following are the timeless pieces of fashion that every woman must have at all times.

Trench Coat. A classic trench coat never fails to give its user an elegant aura. A gold, tan and black colored trench would be more usable as the said colors can blend in more occasion and is a perfect evening jacket especially when used over party dresses.

Black Cocktail Dress. A preferably wrap style, above the knee in length black cocktail dress is a must have for every girls. This type of clothing is considered as every ladies savior in case they get last minute invite to a certain occasion. The color black does not only create an illusion of being extra thinner than ones usual weight but it is also creates a very fabulous look for whoever who wears it.

Button-down Shirt. A simple button down shirt can give its user the freedom to look from casual to fabulous. This piece of clothing can actually be compared to the canvass that a painter uses to create his art. Wear this shirt over a short or long pants without any accessory and you can be as casual as you can be. But try wearing it all together with some flattering accessories such as big black pearl necklace, earing and a slightly oversize belt to go with it and you will see the elegance a simple white shirt can give. It would be best to have this kind of style in white, black, red and brown colors.

Button-down Long Sleeves Shirt. Mono colored button down long sleeves shirt never fails to give its user the freedom of wearing it from simple to fabulous. Just like the short sleeved button down shirt, the long sleeves shirt can also makes its user very fashionable when it is used with accessories. At times, even a white pearl earing together with a black pants can already be the key to look rather elegant.

Printed Scarf. The scarf is the most versatile among all fashion accessories. No matter what print it has be it polka dot, floral to stripes this piece is definitely a must have. Its user can tie it in her hair to serve as a hair band or tie. The scarf looks great when being wrapped on the neck and can create a different look pending on the style of tyeing it. And of course, it will also look good at someone if it is hanging on the purse handle for a chic, preppy look.

Straight Leg Jeans. The extra-wide flares pants and very tight skinny jeans has been a trend a couple of years ago but did not last that long. Today, the skinnies and flares era has once again repeated its self. Although the said type of clothing is very much good to look at it tends to lose its glow after a certain time. Unlike those said lower clothing wear however, a straight leg jeans never disappears from the fashion scene. It would be smarter to invest more on this wear in different colors.

Above the knee Skirts. Skirts is very much of the classic piece of wear at all times. It can go with different types of top and accessory. It would be fine to have a couple of skirts of the same style but of different colors. This type of clothing goes well with any kinds of top anyway.

Pearl Accessories. Every girl must have a pair of pearl fashion accessories. A pearl earing, bracelet and necklace belongs to the timeless kind of fashion accessories. No matter what the size of the pearl the one is wearing it still never fails to portray elegance on the part of the person wearing it. Colors black and white are the immortal colors of this accessories.

High-Heeled Pumps. Pumps especially the high heeled ones create this intimidating, elegant, powerful look on the person wearing it. Aside from the fact that it adds more to the height it also is very comfortable and it can go around with different types of out fit making it a very much usable item.

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