Nail Art Trends

nail artNail art has evolved from being a crafty thing for kids into an everyday fashion accessory. Having colorful designs on your nails is the easiest way to spruce up your outfit. You don’t have to be splurging on accessories and new outfits just to look stylish. By just doing your nails, you can make a fashion statement.

Nails are usually adorned with intricate designs, polished effects, piercings and adhesives. You can do it yourself at the comfort of your own home or have it done at a salon. For more intricate nail art designs, you can have a talented and professional nail technician do it for you. Nail salons have airbrush machines that can instantly create thousands of designs and images onto your nails. With simpler and less expensive method, you can have the effect of hand-painted designs on your nails.

For instant and fuss-free nail art, stickers or decals, rhinestones and stencils can be used for self-application. You can buy all-inclusive nail art kits, have a nail art palette, and with a steady hand, you can show your creativity on your nails. Simply paint your nails and then use a combination of these elements to adorn them anyway you want. These are cheaper than a visit to a nail spa or salon.

A popular nail art detail would be having pain-free piercings on one or more of your nails. Tiny studs or hoops are worn in the nail the same way you wear earrings in the ear. You can also attach tiny gemstones on your nails with the use of tweezers. Show your birthstone with different shades of glittery jewels and use this according to the zodiac sign you’re hoping to attract.

The designs and color schemes of your nails can be matched to your outfit. Paint your nails all dark and shimmery to complement your black leather trench coat and stilettos. Flowers and blossoms printed on your nails would give contrast to your pair of denims.

You can also apply seasonal designs depending on what mood you’re in. If you want to get playful, then go for some candy-colored stripes. Use nail stick-ons if you’re feeling flirtatious. For a more glamorous look, use glitter to coat the nail or nail tip.

To complete your gothic-chic look, have black lacquered nails with a dab of rhinestones to add to your silver chain accessories. Wild, animal prints on your nails show your confidence and grab attention. These are best worn during parties or weekend vacations. Stylize your French manicure with rhinestones to add some glam to your outfit on a girl’s night out.

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