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7 For All Mankind is a popular brand of denim jeans that was founded in Vernon, California by jean designers Michael Glasser and Jerome Dahan in 2000 along with Peter Koral who became their financial backer.

Dahan and Glasser have been working in the apparel industry for years and saw an opportunity in starting out a fashion denim line. During that time, the type of jeans that were available in the market were those that were street-inspired, baggy jeans which were then the popular, if not, the only choices.

In 2000, armed with years of experience working in the apparel industry, Glasser and Dahan decided to put up a company that aimed to revive the fashion denim market. The partners first focused on designing and making denim bottoms for women.

And because they were the first ones in a long while to fill this neglected void in the denim market, their company enjoyed near overnight success with their choices of varied fabrics, washes and fit. Their great attention to detail made them popular along with their trademark swooping logo adorning their jeans’ back pockets.

The success of 7 For All Mankind eventually led other denim jean upstarts to follow suit and made Los Angeles the center for casual fashion in the world. Their success has brought them an incredible 13 million dollars in sales in just their first year, quite unheard of in the denim industry.

7 For All Mankind was the first company to come out in 2000 to bring premium denims to consumers. They have continued to enjoy even better growth in the succeeding years. The company has established their products as a modern classic and is considered as a trendsetter for the newest fashion denims.

The brand is popularly known as "Sevens" and became so famous in such a short span of time because it was also a favorite among the Hollywood elite. The company has continued to grow as well as evolve to have their brand cover other areas in fashion.

Currently, 7 For All Mankind has expanded its scope into including developing product lines for men as well as kids. The company is also focusing its energies into creating trendy handbags as well as their own sportswear and footwear collection.

7 For All Mankind has made their brand quite popular name when it comes to denims and, eventually in all other areas of fashion wear. The vision of its founders has made the brand one of the more recognizable names in denim fashion.

Getting collaborative designers highly regarded in the denim industry to produce unique fashionable denim creations make their brand continue on blazing a trail from which all other fashion denim makers are sure to follow.

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