Jewelry Fashion Trends 2008

Looking at this year’s jewelry fashion trend, new, classic and contemporary styles are dominant in fashionable jewelry. It’s all about highlighting your own uniqueness in the fashion world, encouraging you to follow your own personal style. Some of the qualities that you can consider when picking out trendy fashion accessories are bright but understated colors and eclectic and elegant designs. Look out for the following trends in jewelry:

Feel refreshed in natural neutrals

This year’s spring season will bring natural, earthy colors that go well with forest and ethnic gold themes. Natural stones such as jade and jasper give just the right natural tones. Nature has also inspired the latest jewelry by going for the organic look. Leaf-shaped pendants and floral designs adorn necklaces and earrings.

Long necklaces are here to stay

Thinner and leaner necklaces is still an option for adding versatility to your accessories. Long necklaces can be worn together and layered with other necklaces, wrapped, or worn long as a fashion statement.

This layered look can also give an illusion of wearing one, two or three different necklaces at a time and at a cheaper price. The same can also be said for earrings, going for simpler designs and concentrating on long, slender drops.

Go for gold

Bring the glam back by having thick gold pieces in your collection. Also exotic gold, like African and East Indian-inspired yellow gold, will give a bold look with just a single cuff bracelet or fat chain necklace. Ancient replicas are emphasized and add a little texture to metals when integrated with modern jewelry.

Bracelets and watches are essential fashion accessories

Bangles, shaped and stacked, are still in this year, but try adding a little detail by wrapping them with ribbon, wire or cord. Adorn them with charms to create an interesting design to your usual watch or bracelet. Watch bands will come out wide as cuffs while bracelets will do with less bangles.

Pantone is this season’s popular color

For color trends, the toned down pastel colors of green, pink, yellow and blue, accented with light gray and light brown neutrals, are the new colors that this season brings. You can easily incorporate these colors to your design with the use of beads and different string styles.

Look for these trendy colors in glass beads and crystals or take colorful glittering gemstones for a more formal, elegant look. Flashy gemstone rings matched with a favorite cocktail dress are popular among celebrities.

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