Hunt for Free Jimmy Choo Shoes Begins

Fans of Jimmy Choo shoes in London have been checking out their Twitter and Facebook lately for a chance to grab a free pair of Jimmy Choo trainers. All they have to do is to follow, or like for Facebook users, username "CatchAChoo" to catch up with the Jimmy Choo Trainer Hunt.

The race offers winners the chance to win a free pair of Jimmy Choo trainers. Fans have to guess where in London are the shoes located using the photos posted on its social networking sites as well as

The photos feature a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes being left on site, where a company representative will wait for a short period of time with the shoes on display.

The fans who have figured out the location of the shoes must race to it, approach the representative, and say, "I’ve been following you," to win the shoes.

The contest has been running since April 19 and will run until someone wins the prize.

Source:  Reuters, via Yahoo

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