The Little Black Dress for Every Figure

fashionWomen are shaped differently, but they all want to dress pretty. When it comes to putting on a little black dress, several issues need to be addressed, especially on what goes well with what body type. Provided below is an easy guide on what to wear to hide the flaws while showing off the best assets.

Bottom-heavy figure – If your body has wide hips and full-sized thighs that you feel uncomfortable showing off, put on a little black dress with a fuller skirt to disguise heavy hips all while showing off the waist. You may also want to try on a fitted halter or strapless silhouette, which accents a trim upper body.

Flabby arms – If your arms also swing back and forth as you wave hello, you do not really have to cover them and look matronly in the process. Instead, wear a black dress with embellished sleeves or peekaboo cutouts at the arms.

Petite size – Women with smaller body frames should wear a little black dress that would elongate and flatter their bodies. Put on dresses with lots of shape and avoid ones that look too cutesy or end up like a little girl.

Plus size – Full-figured women should consider showing off more skin by putting on a ruffle knit black dress.

Bad legs – If you are too conscious about showing off your legs, try wearing a black dress with a longer skirt.

Wide shoulders – You really do not have to hide your wide shoulders. Instead, put on a dress with an asymmetrical neckline to create balance. Avoid puffy sleeves or voluminous tops paired with slim bottoms that would exaggerate the shoulders.

Thick waist – Hide your wide waist by wearing a black dress with a raised, lowered, or no waistline. Go for a drop-waist dress or empire waist dress.

Full bust – Top-heavy women should put on black dresses with flattering necklines like V-neck, square neck, wrap, or portrait style. Make sure that the fabric skims the body, yet not too clingy or stiff. Also, avoid dresses with ornate necklines, embellished bodices, and blouson styles.

Small bust – Women with small busts shouldn’t really have a problem putting on a dress, but if you want to add volume at the top, go for dresses with embellished or fuller tops.

Too thin – Lacking in curves should not be an excuse not to wear a little black dress. Go for full dresses with little extra details like full sleeves, ruched waist, layers, and ruffles.


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