Beauty Trend: 80s Scenester Look

Beauty Trend: 80s Scenester Look

For Chris Benz’s fall 2009 show, 80s hair and makeup were brought back to light.

According to makeup artist Daniel Martin, "We wanted the models’ faces to look as though they’d been blown-out by a Polaroid camera so we used foundation that was two shades lighter than their natural skin tone."

Benz’s inspiration for his collection was a 1980s uptown woman who "escapes into the darkness of a downtown club."

Lead hairstylis, John Ruidant fashioned the models’ tresses into wavy faux bobs.  Says Ruidant of the models’ hair dos: "she has a set hairstyle but slightly deconstructed."

To get this "deconstructed" wavy faux bob, start by sectioning off the strands along the hairline and top of the head then culr them with a  1-inch curling iron and Redken Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist. Next, while you let the waves cool, create a chignon-like base with the remaining strands at the back. Lastly, lower the curls and pin them to the base. Finish it off with a spraying the entire head Redken Work Force 09 Flexible Volumizing Spray.

To really pull off that 80s disco diva look, create a smudged eye makup look using "midnight-blue eye shadow and black lip gloss," says Martin.

Source: Elle

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