Bright Eye Tricks

Most adults do not get the required 8 hours of sleep a night. The result of sleep deprivation is evident in the worn out appearance.

But since the chances of changing our lifestyle and sleep patterns are fairly small, the least we can do is to look rested. Here is how to achieve that bright-eyed look:


First, moisturize. Use a strong moisturizer in the morning, and apply a lighter cream throughout the day. Avoid applying foundation too thickly, or it will look like a mask. Opt for a tinted moisturizer instead.

Brighten up your eyes

Next, bring your tired eyes back to life. Use a beige eye pencil to neutralize any redness around the eyes. You can also use a shimmery white shadow and dab it on the inside corners of each eye, and underneath each eyebrow to give your eyes a little glimmer.

Fake fresh skin

Third, freshen up your skin tone. Sleep deprivation and exhaustion dulls the skin. To fake fresh looking skin, start by applying concealer on your eyelids. Then, use a rose-hued blush on your cheeks to add color and a look of freshness to your skin.

Source: Marie Claire

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