Spring 2010 Accessory Trends

It is never too early to predict [what would be] the hottest trends for Spring 2010 – after all in fashion you always have to be a step [or several steps] ahead because the fashionable people of the world are waiting with abated breath about what the latest styles and trends will be. With that, here are some of the spring 2010’s hottest accessory trends as named by Style.com:

Small bags

Spring 2010 Accessory Trends Small Bags

Spring means easy and breezy and that goes for everything including your handbags. Come spring, hide your mini carryalls along with your winter clothes and pickup a stylish compact shoulder bag. Not only will you be unencumbered, you will also notice the dull ache on your shoulders disappear.

Low heels

Spring 2010 Accessory Trends Low Heels

Even Victoria Beckham admits to wearing flipflops – at least at home – so trade your sky-high stilettos for one of springs most stylish – and comfy trends – low heels and say goodbye to bunions and blisters.


Spring 2010 Accessory Trends Scarves

Wear patterned or embellished scarves in place of heavy jewelry. Scarves can be worn a number of ways, and each one is a great way to update and old look.

Silver jewelry

Spring 2010 Accessory Trends Silver

Muted silver gives everything just the right amount of sparkle. And since silver had its day in the sun, surely you have some gathering dust in your old jewelry box. If not, it doesn’t cost much to update your look with it.


Spring 2010 Accessory Trends

This trend has seen many incarnations, season after season, and yet it doesn’t get old. For spring, tribal is given a creative, metropolitan disposition as seen in a host of patterns and prints.


Spring 2010 Accessory Trends Fringe

This trend started early this year and it appears it will continue its reign until spring. Expect to see fringed bags and shoes in the coming months.

Urban sporty

Spring 2010 Accessory Trends Urban Sporty

The trendiest accessories for spring seem to point to "day" accessories. And why not, day accessories are where "dressed down" and "dressed up" collide so street-chicly.

Floral print

Spring 2010 Accessory Trends Floral Prints

What is spring without floral prints? But once you these girly prints on bags and shoes, they make any look standout.

Image source: Style.com

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