3 Classic Cuts Everyone Can Wear

When getting a haircut, you have to make sure that the cut matches your face shape. However, there are three classic cuts that virtually anyone can wear.

bob hair cut

The bob

If you want to get this cut, Rodney Groves, a stylist for Kerastase Vartali Salon in New York says, make sure the ends reach your shoulders. If you have curly hair, they should fall just past your shoulders to make up for shrinkage. Lightly razor the tips so they flip a bit.

To style your bobbed hair, apply mousse through damp hair and then blow-dry with a paddle brush. Finish with a smoothing cream.

long and layered hair

Long and layered

Long layered hair flatters most face shapes. To wear long layered hair, make sure the layers are choppy and irregular, and should start no higher than the jaw, says Groves.

To style your long layered hair, apply volumizer on damp hair; air-dry, then wrap inch-wide sections of hair around a large barreled curling iron to get those loose loops. Finish by fluffing your hair with your fingers. 

pixie cut

The pixie

To wear a pixie cut, your hair should be long on top and thinned out with choppy layers on the sides and at the bottom to keep it from looking bushy – especially if your hair is thick or curly.

To style you pixie cut, comb mousse through damp hair and rough-dry with your hands and a blow-dryer. Finish by using a flat iron at the ends to create that piece-y look.

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