10 Signs You Need a Hair Makeover

10 Signs You Need a Hair Makeover

Sometimes we grow so fond of a certain hairstyle that we tend to keep it for longer than hairstyle trends would allow.

But whatever your reason is for not changing your hairstyle, if you have the following signs, it means it is time to get redo your ‘do.

You hair has no volume

You can tell your hair lacks volume if the top is flat and the sides are bulky, and it no longer frames your face. Mark Garrison of Mark Garrison Salon in New York says, "If your hair just sits there, even after you’ve blown it dry, set it, or curled it, at the very least get a trim."

"You haven’t changed a bit!"

If your college or -heaven forbid – your high school friends greets you in that fashion, perhaps it is because you really haven’t. The next time you here this sentence, take it as a sign that it’s time to visit the salon. Collect pictures of cuts you would consider. Look at them weekly until you can see yourself sporting one of them. Next, schedule an appointment with your stylist.

You’re not getting compliments on your hair anymore

If you’re hair is barely getting notice, it may be time to touch it up a bit. Federico Calce of Federico Salon in New York City suggests setting your locks in hot rollers. "Of all the heat-styling tools, they produce the softest, sexiest waves."

Your highlights are more noticeable than your base color

According to Mark Garrison says, "This is an indication that your highlights have become too heavy." For a quick fix, think about getting a single process to cover the streaks and do not get new highlights for at least three months. The lighter strands will naturally show through of course, but it’s much more subtle, giving you a sun-kissed effect.

Your stylist could cut your hair with her eyes closed

Not only does this mean that it’s time for a new ‘do, it also means it’s time to get a new stylist, with more updated look books and techniques.

Super-dry hair

If your hair is super-dry chopping it off may be the only way to get rid of dryness. Start using products that will moisturize your hair and more it more supple and less prone to breakage.

Your clothes have evolved but not your hair

Sam Brocato of the hair-care company Brocato America, changing your clothing is the perfect excuse to redo your hair. This means your new look will work literally from head to toe. For instance, if you’ve recently lost weight and can now wear curve-hugging clothes, then you might want to get a sleeker, more face-flattering hairstyle.

You wear your hair up in a ponytail all the time

If you wear your hair up all the time because you can’t think of anything else you can do with it, Garrison suggests adding bangs or layers to give it some shape and breathe new life into it.

You spend more than 20 minutes styling your hair

If it takes over 20 minutes to style your hair, then clearly your current style is not making the most out of your hair texture. For a quick fix: tell your stylist to work with your hair type: long layers for your curls or a blunt bob to improve your limp hair.

Your hair and your skin tone match

If your hair color and your skin tone have become too close, Garrison recommends getting lowlights. Use peroxide and ammonia free color to add deeper and warmer streaks to give your hair dimension, without the damage.

Source: Elle.com

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