StriVectin-SD: Better Than Botox?


Some people are claiming that anti-stretch-mark cream StriVectin-SD is better than Botox. Why they would say something like that about a stretch-mark cream is pretty interesting to say the least.

According to Gina Gay, spokesperson for Klein-Becker, StriVectin-SD’s exclusive distributor, the success of StriVectin-SD was sheer luck. As part of their market research, sample tubes – simply labeled "topical cream" – were handed out to employees and customers. As samples found their way to family and friends, the message [what the cream was actually for] got lost, and some people used it as facial moisturizers. The researchers were getting feedbacks like "I look 10 years younger" and "I can’t even notice my crows’ feet.," and store owners were reporting that there are as many people who were buying  StriVectin as an anti-wrinkle cream as were buying it to reduce stretch marks.

The researchers knew they had something, but Dr. Daniel B. Mowrey, PhD, Klein-Becker’s Director of Scientific Affairs, says, "We didn’t have a scientific explanation as to why this wrinkle-reduction was occurring."

Through another stroke of luck, people at Klein-Becker found the scientific explanation they were looking for. At the 20th World Congress of Dermatology in Paris, France, a series of studies detailing the superior wrinkle-reducing properties of a patented oligo-peptide "called Pal-KTTKS" versus retinol, vitamin C, and placebo, on "photo-aged skin" was presented. It  turned out that the  anti-wrinkle oligo-peptide tested in the breakthrough clinical trials is a key ingredient in the StriVectin cream."

In clinical trials, subjects applied the patented peptide solution to the crows’ feet area on one side of the face, and a cream containing either retinol, vitamin C, or a placebo to the other side. They used the cream once a day for 2 months and then twice a day for the next 2 months. Through a special image analysis, the researchers reported a " “significant improvement” in both the overall appearance of skin tone and wrinkles for the test subjects. 

Source: strivectin

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