Secrets to Glossy Hair

Secrets to Glossy Hair 

Up close, a hair strand looks like it is covered in scales. These "scales" are actually semicircular keratins.

The secret to glossy hair lies in them; the smoother they lie, the glossier your tresses will be.

Unfortunately, the best way to boost shine is through heat styling and coloring. Luckily there are products that are created specifically to combat the damaging effects of coloring and heat styling; enabling you to focus on the following hair shine tips:

Heat styling

Marco Santini, co-owner of NYC’s Ion Studio says, "Heat from a blow-dryer, curling iron, or straightener is like ironing a shirt, it smooths out all the bumps."

For the best cuticle-smoothing angle, hold the dryer above your head, pointing toward the floor.

Hair coloring

Colorist Tracey Cunningham makes stars like Kate Beckinsale shine by following every coloring with a glaze that keeps the color "fresh and shiny for weeks."

To keep colored hair glossy at home, comb through a hydrating hair mask and then wrap hair in a hot towel (heat for 1 minute in the microwave). Leave the towel on long enough for hair cool down and let the cuticle absorb and lock in moisture.

Source: Elle

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