Hairstyle Trends: Tough Tresses

Tough Tresses Doo.Ri Spring Collection

Doo.Ri’s spring collection felt light and breezy, and the models’ tresses certainly mirrored the carefree feel of the pieces. But though the collection felt light, the clothes still had structure, albeit loose and roomy; same thing with the hairstyle. Stylist Orlando Pita, who was responsible for the sexy dos at Doo.Ri, created a "straight, voluminous, but slightly mussed look. "

 "It’s straight because straight hair always tends to look more hard-edge; wavy hair is more romantic and soft," explains the stylist who intentionally coiffed hair so that it fell across the face and was not "beautifully placed and perfect."

How to

To create his straight but slightly tousled do, Pita started by blow-drying locks, and creating deep-side parts. He then sprayed T3 Elevate Iron Volumizer all over the head. He finished by going over ends with a flat iron. "It’s a volume spray that you don’t have to blow-dry, so if your hair is flat in the morning because you washed it the night before, you can just quickly spray it in, brush through, and iron."

Image source: Elle

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