Spring Hair Accessories Trends

Spring 2010 fashion shows gave us a peak of a significant hair accessories trend for next year. Designers made use of bows, ties, clips and bids to coax purchases at the register. Fortunately, it is easy to reproduce these hair accessories at home. Style.com shares some tips on how to adorn your tresses on a budget.


At Marc by Marc Jacobs, stylist Guido Palau created Minnie Mouse bows to complement the upbeat pieces.

To make one for yourself, make sure that the fabric is thinner in the middle than on the ends.

How to: pick out a fabric in your favorite print or shade. Cut out a ribbon about 3 feet long. Tie at its narrowest width in the center, and then fan it out.


For Carolina Herrera’s runway show, stylist Orlando created long strands of opalescent beads which he displayed through loose chignons.

How to: Wear the headband further back on your head than you normally would. Hide underneath a layer of hair to create an element of surprise for beads. Measure the length from wherever you place your headband to the end of the longest point of your hair, then string up strands of gemstones of your choice. Glue tem to a thin metal headband as you go.

Snap ons

To create the look she wanted [Lee Miller-little girl combination] for the 3.1 Philip Lim fashion show, stylist Odile Gilbert created deep side parts up front then made this intricate chignon that sat just about the nape of the models’ necks. He then put a red braided clip on each section "to add modern and artistic" element to the coifs, says Gilbert.

How to: The barrettes used at the Philip Lim fashion show were made with leather. However, for your own home-made barrette a sturdy string will do. Braid 1 think row (or 2 thin ones) and then glue it on to a 3- to 4- inch plain silver barrette.

Source: style.com

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