Makeup Tip for Lush Lower Eyelashes

Makeup Tip for Lush Lower Eyelashes

Lush lower lashes – think Liza Minelli lashes – are making a comeback. Nars Cosmetics’ international makeup director explains why dramatic lower lashes are so now: The look is both eye-opening and bang-friendly.

For 3.1 Philip Lim’s fall 2009 runway show, Ayako had models sport improved lower lashes to balance bangs-covered lids. To enhance the effect even further, Ayako used a wet eyeliner brush and – using lash-like strokes – applied charcoal-colored powder, creating a shadow-like effect.

If you don’t like sticking extensions on every time you want to go for dramatic eyes, makeup artist to the stars Tina Turnbrow recommends Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Mascara. "It has a tiny brush, which makes it great for bottom lashes," she says. Turnbrow uses the product on her client; Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker.

Source: Elle

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