Makeup Trends: Watercolor Makeup

Makeup Trends: Watercolor Makeup

ADAM’s Fall 2009 collection was inspired by Japanese photography exhibit at Boston’s Peabody Museum. This inspiration was reflected in the collection’s bright, wearable separates with bright bursts of primary color here and there.

To complement this art-inspired collection, makeup artist Romy Soleimani opted for bright makeup hues as well. Says Soleimani of the look she created: "It’s not ‘eye shadow’ and ‘blush. It’s more about a feeling. The pigments start layering on top of each other like when paint mixes with water and all the colors flow together."

Soleimani’s creation focuses on the crescent along the "cheek-into-the-eye" area. As noted earlier, Soleimani used aqua blue eye shadow for the models’ eyes, and applied pink blush just above the models’ cheekbones to create that art-sy, watercolor feel.

Soleimani then kept the rest of his palette neutral: "The girls with darker lips, we’re using a tiny bit of M.A.C Lip Erase with lip balm to tone them down so that it’s more of a soft baby pink. We’re just lightly filling in the brow."  

Source: Elle

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