How to Accentuate Your Eye Color and Shape

make upWhen you put on eye makeup it is important that the shades and styles you use complement the shape and color of your peepers. Noted makeup artists share their secrets to Elle to help you find out which colors and techniques best suit your eyes.

Eye shape

Asian eyes

According to celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal, "Asian eyes tend to be a little flatter and have less of a crease." She notes that her Eyelift Shadow Duo is perfectly suited for this eye type. She shares this eye

Makeup technique: "After finding your crease, roll the darker shadow back and forth on the lid, blending up and out for a more visible crease." Another important tip from Roncal to enhance Asian eyes and make the whites appear larger is to line the inner rim of the eye with a beige or off-white liner.

But if you prefer dark colored liners like brown or black, make up artist Bobbi Brown recommends avoiding the inner rim. "It will actually make your eyes look smaller," says Brown, adding "Eyeliner can disappear, especially if you’re Asian or have a heavy lid-you need to make it thick if you want it to stand out."

Small eyes (non-Asian)

For non-Asians with small eyes, Roncal says, "Always apply shadow past the crease and make sure to curl your lashes and layer with mascara," adding that this technique will make a "bigger bright-eyed result."

Large eyes (round)

For round-eyed women, Roncal says I love to play them up." But if you are more conservative when it comes to eye makeup or would want to emphasize a different facial feature, Roncal recommends a "more sultry look, [and] line the inner rim with a dark liner to make the eye appear smaller."

Eye color


People with brown eyes can pull off wearing almost any shade. But to really bring the best out of your eye color, Roncal recommends wearing a lovely shade of plum. And if you want to highlight the gold flecks in your peepers, use an eye shadow with gold shimmer.


People with hazel eyes are lucky because you can go two ways: First, if you want to bring out the green in your eyes, Roncal recommends wearing burgundy, since the deep color creates a contrast with your eye color that enhances your sparklers. And if you want to bring out the brown in your eyes, go for an earthy mocha shade. 


For lovely forget-me-not eyes, Roncal recommends wearing bown eye shadows. Bur for something more fun, choose a sexy, cool silver hues.

Source: Elle

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