Make Up for Ever Flash Color Palette

Make Up For Ever Flash Color Palette

If you are looking for that all-in-one makeup palette to carry everywhere, and use for any occasion, good news:

MAKE UP FOR EVER has recently released the Make Up For Ever Flash Color Palette – a 12 Flash color case that has a wide variety of colors you can use on your cheeks, eyes, and lips. And it’s something every makeup wearer should have.

It’s very handy – and you can create a lot of looks and finish an entire face of makeup using only this baby.

The color palette includes the following colors: Gold 004 (metallic gold), Coral 002 (vibrant coral), Turquoise 000 (light turquoise), Fuchsia 005 (bright fuchsia pink), Yellow 013 (vibrant yellow), Brown 023 (dark brown), Silver 003 (metallic silver), White 010 (pure white), Red 017 (bright red), Bright Blue 014 (bright royal blue), Leaf Green 008 (bright green), and Black 011 (pure black).

Make Up For Ever’s Flash Color Palette has inspired and has been used by makeup artists for 23 years. And now, we can finally avail of it exclusively at Sephora.

 Make Up For Ever Flash Color Palette is available for only $95.

Image source: Sephora

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