How to Fake Perfect Skin

woman skinSome of us are born with perfect skin. Most of us have to work hard to achieve it – or fake it.

So how do you fake perfect skin without caking your face with makeup?

We turn to Tina Turnbrow’s "no-makeup makeup look" for Abaeté’s fall runway show for reference.

"You don’t have to wear dark-colored makeup just because it’s fall," says Turnbrow. The stylist shares her secrets to her gorgeous ‘perfect skin’, "no-makeup makeup look."

  • Turnbrow stuck to sheer and barely-there colors and textures, and skipped powder and full-coverage foundation.
  • Some of the barely-there products she used are Tarte Smooth Operator Foundation SPF 20, a very light skin-brightening formula, and Tarte Cheek Stain in Blushing Bride. Turnbrow applied the foundation on the face, and then swept the blush over the cheekbones and up towards the temple. She finished with a dab of the cheek stain at the center of the lip.
  • Instead of using cream and powder eye shadows, Turnbrow used rose-gold lip gloss. "It lights up the eye without using a lot of makeup," she explains, adding that "the color is a nice blend between warm and cool tones and looks very natural."
  • Turnbrow then curled the lashes and coated them with mascara.
  • She finished the whole look by misting the face with Caudalíe’s nourishing Beauty Elixir. "It’s my favorite skin-brightening product," Turnbrow says. "It has grape extracts and rosemary and helps your skin shine through."


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