Beauty Makeover Tips for Summer

Now that summer is here, everybody wants to have that California girl highlight-ed beach-babe look. Nothing wrong with that,if you know exactly what to do. Experts share their beauty tips to Elle to help you achieve the beauty makeover you want for this summer.


Top colorist Rita Hazan shares what happens if you go for super light high-lights. "They can wash you out and make you look sallow, pale, and old. If you have no color in your hair, you’ll have no color in your skin."

Instead of going light, think warm. Hazan recommends going for "honey hues" for blondes, and caramel tones for brunettes.


According to top makeup artist Napoleon Perdi, "Your skin should reflect you new hair color so that you don’t look too white and pasty. You need to wear warmer makeup tones-not darker, just warmer. For example, you can use an earthy eye shadow to warm the eye up and add a sparkle of color with eye liner. Blue, turquoise, silver, gold-it doesn’t matter as long as you’re using liner and not covering the entire eye; you don’t want to end up looking like Barbie."

No need for heavy makeup this summer. Perdis says less is more when it comes to summer makeup. "Clean, fresh skin is key," says the makeup expert. Perdis suggests using a clear or bronze-tinted pore-perfecting primer. To hide those pesky blemishes, Perdis recommends applying foundation: : "Put it on the feature areas around the eyes, lips, and nose and blend it out to nothing across the forehead and edge of the face."

Once you’re done with your eyes and skin, Perdis suggests finishing with mascara on the lashes and lip gloss on your lips.

Source: Elle

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