Common Projects Women’s Shoes

common projects shoes

Fashion’s gender switcheroo trend continues. Having already gone through tops and jeans, the trend has spread over to footwear.

Common Projects, the shoe brand for men that rapidly gained a cult following, confirmed that they will be releasing a women’s line for fall ’09. The debut capsule collection will replicate some of the label’s classics such as ultra-basic, super-sleek low- and mid-top sneakers. "It’s a real women’s shoe, though," notes Common Projects co-founder Prathan Poopat. "No heels, but we’ve made a lower-profile sole and a narrower last." The shoes will be available in white, gray and black.Common Projects’ women’s collection will also include a desert boot that will be available in the same colors as the sneakers.

"The whole reason we’re doing this is because we’ve noticed more and more women buying the men’s shoes," Poopat explains. "Initially, we thought we’d just add more small sizes and make everything unisex. But the more we looked into it, the more we realized, OK, women really want their own shoes."

Common Projects is planning to add more androgynous styles for Spring ’10, including "a plain, tailored take on the man’s dress oxford." (

Image source: Common Projects

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