High-Tech Beauty Tools

Today, only the latest technology is being incorporated into our beauty products. Thanks to experts in the fields of both technology and beauty, these high-tech beauty gadgets can meet with even the most judicious consumer’s desire for the next breakthrough product.


Pearl fractional is a targeted laser treatment that uses a new wavelength to stimulate the body’s natural collagen-making process to make skin plumper, smoother and firmer, while also improving on the skin’s texture, tone and discoloration – minus the raw redness that usually comes with laser treatment.


Freeze 24-7 Glow Basics is both makeup and skin care product.

The mineral makeup is created with a GABA complex (the makeup company’s signature muscle-relaxing agent), vitamin C ester, hyaluronic acid, soybean extract, and SPF 18 to reduce the appearance of fine, pore size, discoloration, and sun spots by as much as 96 percent with every use. It is available in Light, Medium, and Medium Tan.


H20+ Sea Results Instant Power Patches are flexible, stick-on eye patches that are filled with micro-current technology that sends its anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients deep into the skin – accompanied by a sudden surge of energy to produce smoother and plumper skin.


HerCut is a truly innovative product. For the first time ever, a hair care line is created to enhance, not your hair type or hairstyle, but your haircut. The idea here is that since it’s the cut that determines where hair falls, how hair moves, and what shape it takes.

According to its press release, "HerCut is the first brand to bridge haircut and hair care, creating great hair from its very foundation: how it’s cut."

That said, it has identified the five basic cuts: the Bob, the Blunt, the Shag, the Long Layers, and the Pixie. HerCut’s shampoos, conditioners, and optimizers are all "cut-specific."

Source: Style.com

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