Makeup for Summer

summer makeup

Now that the cold season is over, it’s time to leave all that dark and heavy makeup behind. As summer approaches, stock your purse and drawers with light and warm makeup.

How to Apply Summer Makeup

  • Most girls find using foundation to heavy for the summer. Opt for concealer instead. Use a it to hide blemishes and skin imperfections.
  • Get summer-looking skin by applying a bronzer or self-tanner – especially if you haven’t had time to get a real (or salon-created) tan.
  • The summer heat can cause you to sweat a lot, which in turn smudges you eye shadow.  Apply a primer before you put on eye shadow to keep it from smudging.
  • When choosing eye, lip and cheek color, go for light shades such as light pinks and oranges, and soft browns.
  • Lastly, apply lip gloss on you lips (you can wear it instead of putting on lipstick) to keep your lips soft and moist in the summer heat.
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