Beach Ready: Getting a Brazilian Wax

To be completely ready for this beach this summer, you must deal with some pesky hair problems.

Take a warm shower and wash your bikini area thoroughly before you head over to the salon.

This is not the time to cover up and your wax technician needs to become quite familiar with your intimate parts to do the Brazilian wax correctly.

Lie on your back and allow the technician to spread your buttocks apart and place warm wax in the innermost regions. She will then apply a cloth over the wax and then quickly rip it off. This could be really painful so brace yourself.

Spread your legs as wide open as possible so the technician can spread wax on the outside of the labia. The same procedure of putting on cloth over the wax will be repeated, so again brace yourself for the pain.

Allow the technician to position your legs in many different ways, even tossing them over their shoulders. You may feel very conscious of the various positions you will find your self in, but this is necessary because the skin needs to be tight to get rid of all the hair.

A tweezing will follow the waxing to get rid of all the stray hairs that the wax failed to remove. This will be very painful perhaps more painful than the waxing, so be prepared and hold very still.

Apply soothing lotion over the entire waxed area. The cool lotion soothes and smoothes the skin. You should remain hair free for about a month or so.

Now you will look perfect in your tiny, string bikini. 

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