Top 5 Most Eco-Friendly Restaurants In America

Wouldn’t you enjoy your food more knowing that it was prepared without harming the planet? The food industry relies heavily on the planet’s resources, (then again, what industry doesn’t?). That said, let us congratulate the following restaurants for committing to sustainable practices while providing such scrumptious results.

Below are the top 5 most eco-friendly restaurants in the US, as named by

Akasha Restaurant, Los Angeles

Former caterer-to-the-stars Akasha Richmond discovered her true calling while working at the Golden Temple, the once-popular vegetarian restaurant in LA. After preparing food for the likes of Pierce Brosnan and Barbra Streisand, Akasha decided to bid Hollywood goodbye and pursue her dream of putting up a restaurant that serves great food using organic and sustainable ingredients. The Akasha Restaurant kitchen is supplied by farms, ranches and fisheries that follow the principles of sustainability. And, sticking to the sustainability theme, the building’s original materials were all restored. Visit to find out more about their food offerings.

Bleeding Heart Bakery, Chicago

Vinnie and Michelle Garcia, owners of Bleeding Heart Bakery had been selling their baked products at Farmers Markets for sometime already, when they realized that the Windy City only had a handful of organic bakeries. They decided to set-up shop and set a goal: to make beautiful and delicious creations, while remaining 100% organic. Each dessert pastry, baked product, cake, cupcake and chocolate piece is a work of art, yummy and of course, organic.

Checkout to find our more about their menu.

Spiritland Bistro, Santa Barbara

Spiritland Bistro offers the best of world cuisine using only organic ingredients. The bistro changes its menu every month to highlight the season produce. It’s also open for dinner only.

Spiritland Bistro not only focuses on sustainability, it also cares about the health of their patrons. The restaurant is closed on Tuesday nights to make way for "Tuesday Night For Healing." Owner Gary Grenus invites local health practitioners to talk to Spiritland patrons about their area of expertise. On the last Wednesday of the month, patrons bring wine (corkage fee free) for everyone to try out, and then the restaurant prepares a 4-course gourmet meal to go with the wine theme. These kinds of events, plus the bistro’s family style seating encourages interaction and foster a community feeling. Visit to find out more about their food selections and events.

O! Burger, Los Angeles

The country’s first ever completely organic burger restaurant, O! Burger uses only organic ingredients from the buns, down to the dressing. O! Burger also uses recyclable, compostable, and/or biodegradable packaging. Even their restroom/cleaning products are environment-friendly and non-toxic. Now why can’t other chains be like this? Visit to know more about O! Burger’s burgers.

True Food Kitchen, Phoenix

True Food Kitchen was created by best-selling author Dr. Andre Weil and noted Arizona restaurateur Sam Fox. True Food Kitchen serves foods that (naturally) follow the principles of Dr. Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet closely, focusing on whole grains, whole soy products, organic fruits and vegetables, fish rich in Omega-3, and anti-inflammatory herbs and spices.

The dishes looked to Asia, The Mediterranean, and the American west coast and southwest for inspiration, using fresh, organic, and, when possible, locally-obtained foods.

The ingredients are not the only eco-friendly aspects of the True Food Kitchen. They also have high efficiency kitchen equipment, low voltage LED lighting, low VOC paint, and on top of all that, a Natural Water Purification Unit, which produces both still and carbonated water in-house. Visit to find out more about their menu.

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