Bargain Shopping Locations On The Web



RueLaLa is an online community that offers high-end brands from their online boutique. The community also offers superb deals on exclusives, but not for long periods of time.

RueLaLa is also a members-only online community. To become a member, you either have to be invited by a current member of this ultra-exclusive community, or add your name on a wait list and hope for the best.

While waiting for an invite or an opened slot, there are other deal locations on the web.


Dealyard, just like RueLaLa, offers great deals on some good labels. But unlike RueLaLa, Dealyard is open for all. Most of their product offerings go for 50% off retail prices. Unfortunately their apparel selection cam be a bit limited. Aside from apparel, Dealyard also offers electronic gadgets and the like, for people who like shopping for quality items for less.


Ebags is another online shopping site that offers noted bag labels for less. Sure they don’t offer the super-highest-end designer handbags, but their selections are wonderful – and a lot less expensive – nonetheless. As some kind or reward and/or crowd-drawer, customers can rack up points towards their next purchase. Simply sign up and shop.


Overstock offers apparel, electronics, and beddings for a lot less than what you’d normally pay for in stores. However, Overstock offers limited quantities of each of their products – this means you’re going to have to make some quick shopping decisions. On the plus side, Overstock compensates for this, with their super fast shipping.


Makeupalley is more of an online community than a shopping site. It focuses mainly on product discussions that help consumers make wise shopping decisions. Makeupalley greatly relies on member participation and offers a lot of perks to their members, such as great advice about products, and tips on choosing the right products for their needs. Members also get to buy or exchange products between and amongst themselves. The site is still worth visiting if you’;re a non-member interested in beauty products.


Just like Makeupalley, Fashionista also offers consumers product info, advices, ideas and, most importantly, links to great deal locations. Fashionista has a strong blog-based community that dishes out the latest about both high-end and more affordable fashion.

Image source: RueLala

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