Coachella: Street and Bohemian Fashion

The Coachella Music and Arts Festival is a celebration of art in all its forms: music, visual arts (installation art and sculptures), and fashion.

Yes fashion. And we’re not talking stick-thin Slavic teens walking down runways here. We’re talking about "everyday people" fashion. The results are truly awesome once you give art the freedom to rein.


Street and Bohemian Chic was all the rage as Coachella officially declared the summer season open. With that, below are some of the trends that fashionable concert-goers sported during the 3-day event:



Floral – and colorful – prints were everywhere, you’d think it was the 60s. Head pieces, dresses, bags, footwear, even umbrellas sported floral prints.



Fringe was also a popular design style among Coachella concert-goers, as seen on dresses and bags.



Vintage was also a huge trend among the Coachella crowd. There was vintage everything: dresses, denim cutoffs and accessories.

The super vintage item of them all: vintage shades. Big shades with thick frames in various colors and classic Ray-bans were the best vinatge favorites.

Short shorts

Short shorts

Super short shorts and denim cutoffs were also a favorite during the event, usually paired with over-sized t-shirts or swimsuits.



Sure there were many who wore Chucks, boots, sandals and flip flops. But the favorite footwear of the event – none.

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