Fendi Fall 2009 Handbag Collection

Fendi’s Fall ’09 collection seem to exude a stylish "survived the calamity" feel. First thing you’ll notice was the color – there were a lot of dark browns and blacks. You’ll then notice the clothes were cut with tapered flying panels. At first look, the clothes appear worn and shabby albeit very stylish. Upon closer look, you discover that the frayed threads were diminutive mohair fur sprinklings; the worn fabrics were actually treated cashmere, singed chiffon, and flannel. The collection was also showcased designer Karl Lagerfeld’s innovation and technical brilliance: use of strong silhouette with a faint trace of glamour; building on the house’s rep as a furrier with technical feats such as combining fox and sable, and making white gold hang on to minx.  Source: Style.com

Fendi fall 09

fendi fall 09

fendi fall 09

As for the handbags, there were mostly classic-shaped handbags in the collection; the same somber pallet extending to them, as did the innovative fur design – lending some color to the otherwise drab-colored bags.

The peek-a-boo satchel made a comeback from last spring, though I’m still not sold on this concept. More interesting were the clutches with the rectangular detail in front, which I assume is a knob that you turn to close the bag. The clutches appear to have a couple of compartments inside. They were also more colorful than the rest of the bags (think straight, neatly cut puzzle pieces put together, each with a different color) with prominent stitch detailing and screws. All in all, I think the clothes collection was more interesting than the handbags.

Image source: Style.com 

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