The Fumi: A Must-have Purse Accessory


Next to shoes, perhaps the purse or handbag is a girl’s biggest weakness. And no self-respecting ‘it’ bag-lover leaves her Hermes Kelly bag lying around. Fortunately sisters Nichole and Natascha Shamlian came up with the perfect purse accessory.

The sisters came up with the FUMI (that stands for Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, Innovation), a handbag hanger, purse accessory and bracelet all in one! The Shamlian sisters came up with this idea while trying to put up their business around their Je’ Marie PurseHooks. But they added the extra ‘ooomph’ needed, and the result is a must-have purse accessory.

The sisters further improved on their already-ingenious product. The FUMI is designed to also bring good luck and positive energy its wearer, with names like “Inspire”, “Courageous”, “Ambition”, and “Confident”. They also expanded their business by creating four charms set to enhance your FUMI purse accessory. Each charm has its own positive theme:

The Three Keys – indicates the ability to unlock the door to wealth, health and love.

The Lucky You – signifies good fortune and positive energy.

The Sincere Heart – symbolizes compassion, emotional and spiritual love

The Fleur De Lis – signifies the emblem of strength.

The FUMI really is a functional, lovely and innovative product. Available in various styles for only $24.95, while the purse charms are available for $14.95

Image source: FUMI

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