Stars Favorite Cakes for Less

You’d think stars don’t eat anything, much less sweets judging by their figure – most of them at least. But it turns out, a lot of celebrities have a sweet tooth.

sweet lady jane

And what do they go for when they’re craving kicks in? Cakes! Their favorite? Sweet Lady Jane’s cakes. Celebs like J.Lo, Madonna and Kanye West get their Red Velvet and Triple Berry Shortcake fill at Sweet Lady Jane.

sweet lady jane

Sweet Lady Jane’s cakes are available in various flavors, based on groups: Yellow Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Special Order Cakes and Special Flavors. The bakery also offers Cheese Cakes.

Prices go from $36 (6" round; 6-8 servings) – $385 (full sheet; 100-150 servings), depending on the size or shape.

Sweet Lady Jane also offers pies, treats (biscotti, brownies, etc.), specialty items (pudding, flan, napoleons, janolies, etc.), tarts, breads and breakfast foods (croissants, Danish, etc.).

sweet lady jane


Wedding cakes require you to set an appointment first, but you can check out some of their beautiful designs at their website.

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi actually had the famous LA Bakery’s cakes on their wedding.


sweer lady jane


Specialty cakes on the other hand, need to be ordered several days and advance (details must also be provided).

You can check out cake designs and also know how to place orders at the bakery’s website.

Sweet Lady Jane is located at Melrose Avenue, but some Sweet Lady Jane Products (Chocolate Old Fashioned, Coconut, Red Velvet, Imperial Lemon Raspberry) can now be availed at 15 Ralphs Fresh Fare Market Locations. Visit for product details, prices and Ralphs store locations.

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