Hairstyle Trends for Summer 2009

With summer just around the corner, you simply must have the perfect hair to go with you perfectly trendy bikini. So without further ado, here are the hottest hairstyle trends for summer

09 hair trendsLong hair

Straight hair will be a hot trend this summer, but it won’t be the sleek, super straight rods of the past few seasons. Instead, this trend will be a bit messy, sort of rocker chick. Apply a bit of hair shine spray to add gloss and glamour. You can also blow dry your hair then add a bit of wax, scrunch up your or tease or crimp it a little in certain areas to create texture.

Add a bit of twist to your disheveled rocker chick look by cutting your hair in front to create fringes or long layers, with the shortest parts reaching just below your eyebrows.

Disheveled updo’s will also be a popular way to style your long hair this summer. Think messy knotty buns and twists, or off-center chignons.

Big hair is making a comeback. You don’t have to do the over-poufy style from decades past, just aim for for volume a notch or two above normal, if you feel like it. Use curlers to create texture, then tousle it a bit. Lastly, spray hair shine product onto hair. This style is also perfect for medium-length hair.

Medium hair 09 hair trends

The bob has gone though several incarnations over the years. For summer 2009, the New bob is going to be a popular trend for medium-length hair. The new bob is longer in front and shorter at the back. The hair is softly razored at the ends to create a sleek, modern angle. To create a variation for this cut, pin-curl your hair or use wax and scrunch it up a bit to create texture. Tousle your hair a bit or comb through it a couple of times with your fingers to create ‘pieces’. This style is perfect if you want a more, casual and carefree look.

The flipped bob, another variation of the bob cut, is styled to have the ends of the hair flip outwards. Blow dry your hair with a large brush. Use apply a small amount of wax onto hair and then roll it up with rollers. Once you’ve removed the rollers, comb you hair back, starting from the crown. Apply more wax or use hairspray to hold hair in place.

The layered bob, popularized by Paris Hilton, will also be a hot hairstyle trend this summer. Basically, the basic bob is cut in layers, and styled however you like – sleek straight, or a scrunched-up wavy. It’s all up to you.

The sweeping fringe will also be a favorite hairstyle this summer. This trend cuts hair into triangular layers, the ends of which were diffused using thinning scissors. This technique creates texture, adds volume and gives hair natural movement. The fringe is done in disconnected layers, cut asymmetrically to create a mysterious, glamorous look that does not totally hide the face, nor seem too heavy over the eye.

09 hair trends

Short hair

For short hair, hair the bob, short bob, cropped bob and pixie crop will all still be very popular hairstyle trends this summer. Create variations on your cut by adding bangs, fringe. For slightly longer cuts, you can also create scrunched-up, tousled look – simply apply the steps for this look, as stated above (medium hair, new bob).

09 hair trendsColor trends

 Popular hair colors for summer are blonde, peroxide blonde, red and brunette.


Hair accessories will also be a cute addition to your trendy hairstyle. Go for colorful accessories, floral hair pieces, or pieces made of tulle.

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