Summer 2009 Fashion Trends

A designer combines fashion, style and divination. The designer takes a look at where we are and get a feel of where we’re headed, then predict what we’d want to wear a half year before the clothes get to department stores.

But with the uncertain times ahead (all thanks to the global economic crisis), Spring-Summer 2009 fashion weeks in industries various fashion capitals were nothing like we’ve ever seen. And the series of events the happened before and during the shows – including the crashing of Lehman Brothers (9/15/08) in the middle of London Fashion Week; 3 models toppling from their life-threateningly high heels at Prada (poignantly reflecting the stock market) – certainly had an effect on the Spring-Summer 2009 fashion weeks’ turnout.

With the economy in decline, people’s spending habits are seriously affected. The rich are probably wandering if they can still spend on luxury items. The very rich think about spending on high-end items, then eventually thought otherwise, deeming spending on architecturally sharp designer dresses inappropriate for the times – or continue with their shopping habits, but doing it inconspicuously.

The uber-rich are still spending on luxury pieces. Ordinary mortals with shrunken budgets experienced a change in their spending priorities. If before, one can charge several "it" items on her credit cards, now she spends her money on one or two special items that she can wear for a long time – and still look good. Classic pieces in other words.

With the current situation altering the spending habit of their market, luxury brands need to justify perhaps their very existence.

The Spring-Summer 2009 fashion shows did just that. Despite the events that happened, the runways teemed with pieces so bright, so colorful, so uplifting. And this maybe why we need to have the fashion industry and all its quirks around – a break from reality + the feelgood factor that accompanies shows & pieces.

For this year’s Spring-Summer trends, expect to see a lot of the ‘happy’ clothes and pieces that littered the runways of Milan, Paris, New York and London. Think hopeful and optimistic, with huge splashes of sense and humor.

  • Vibrant colors
  • Bold prints
  • Clashing prints and/or colors
  • Genteel clothes gone bad. Think tweed suits in clashing patterns or bright colors.
  • Fashion-dont’s-turned-fashion-do’s. Think animal prints, denim stonewashing, and the like.
  • Disco-inspired looks
  • Sexy cuts and silhouettes
  • Cut-outs in evening dresses and of course, swimsuits.
  • Experimental (geometrical) shapes and silhouettes
  • Over-the-top girly
  • Flirty skirts (think short and fluid)
  • Fringes – on everything, including bags and shoes. Go flapper-girl sensual or cowgirl sexy in fringes. Just don’t over do it.
  • Shiny fabrics. Think Aladdin’s "A Whole New World" – shining, shimmering, splendid. There’s no room for items that do not sparkle this season. At the very least, go for silks.
  • Bra Tops
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