Spring-Summer 2009 Shoe Trends

shoesSpring-Summer 2009 Shoe Trends

Color trends

  • This seasons hottest colors will be shades of orange and pink.

  • Garments might be coming out in eye-blinding hues this season, but it would be best to pair nice nude shades with bright shoes, instead of creating a clash of bright colors.

  • Older fashion mavens, maybe it’s best to leave the uber-loud orange shades to your younger counterparts and settle for a tamer version of the season’s hottest color.

  • If, by personality, you’re to timid for orange, go for pink or white for a sweeter and softer look – in age-appropriate shades of course.

  • Other hot colors of the season include red, purple, violet plus metallics, browns and grays in all shades.

Prints and embellishments

  • Flower power is also "in" – come on, it’s spring! Power up via floral prints, embellishments or appliqués. It’s up to you which way you wanna go – subtle or otherwise.

  • Rock the ramp in buckles, zippers and snaps. They will be footwear staples this season – see them anywhere from platforms to sandals. It’s not as girly as flowers, but you have to agree, it’s definitely more fierce.

  • Aside from blooms, stones will be making a huge, huge appearance this season. Expect to see your favorite footwear heavily cluttered with gems, rhinestones and studs.

  • Bows and fur will also be making an appearance. All of these embellishments in the name of style.

Style (footwear type)

  • Booties have been around a few seasons back, but designers extended their stay by cutting them out piece by piece – until their totally hot cut-out booties. Nice!

  • Gladiator shoes. These ladies have been around for a few seasons as well. Designers are sustaining their life by making variations in the the straps, and making them go higher. Expect knee-high glads with mile-high heels to be this seasons top trend. Not for the faint hearted, mind you, as these bold shoes will come in bold colors.

  • Now, for the eternally earth-bound (I’m referring to heels here), flats will be making the rounds this season. Flats will never go extinct. Never. For as long as humans walk, there will be flats. To look great this season sans heels, go for the elaborately decorated ones. Or those that look like glads, only their flat. And go for brilliantly colored ones as well. Remember, this season is about color. And I think you should make up for the lack of heels with violently brilliant colors.


  • It’s materials galore this season. By that, I meant you’ll be seeing shoes with made with various materials. In art, it’s called mixed-media. Think canvass and leather together in one pair.

  • We’re not content to have exotics remain exotics, and leather remain as leather. No we have to have reptile leather – and that’s going to make the rounds this season. Just make sure you don’t go for garish prints. Eew.

  • For the "green" minded fashionistas – that is environmentally conscious – if you’re against animal-cruelty gotten leather, go for faux things. Just don’t compromise quality.


  • The trend seems to be leaning towards folksy. You’ll expect to see a lot of Egyptian and Greek-inspired sandals. Taking things a step further – expect to see a lot for fringe. Fringe not just in shoes, but fringe every where – bags, clothes, etc. It’s fringe year. You don’t have to go with the flow, though. But if you want to, stick to the usual camels, tans, browns and blacks.

Thing that never go out of style

  • Rest assured that our favorite stilettos, pumps, wedges and chunky heels will be with us, not just this season, but for years to come.

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