Partying Tips from Supermodel Kate Moss

Kate MossEnglish supermodel Kate Moss has come a long way. She has been a staple in the hippest parties around the world, and she knows how to have fun. In a press interview, she shared her fabulous partying tips on dressing up and having a night out worth remembering.

Gather round your friends

Before going to the club or lounge, have your friends come together at a single place like your room or your friend’s pad. Put some upbeat music on to set the party mood as you and your pals prepare for a night out. You can also have a drink to loosen up early in the night.

Put on a high-impact make-up

Make sure that your make-up would make heads turn. Moss recommends the smoky eyes, then take out your black eyeliner in case of retouching your look and you are good to go.

Transform your look

It would not hurt if you go out for the night wearing a new hairstyle, which can give a complete transformation on your look and can inspire a new way of dressing up.

Wear clothes depending on your body type

Moss says your party gear should be according to your body type as well as comfort. If you have great leg, Moss recommends showing them off with a short dress and heels for skinny jeans. If you have well-endowed breasts, you need to avoid high necklines.

Dress how you want it

Except for very special occasions, you can simply put on a dress for the night according to your emotions. If you want to show you are happy, a lightly-colored wrap-around dress can show that. However, if you feel a little gloomy, you can still be fashionable with a little black dress.

Only dance with men who can dance

If you cannot find a guy who can dance at the club (whom you happen to find attractive, take note), you can simply dance with your girlfriends.

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