Preparing a Wine and Cheese Party

wine and cheeseA wine and cheese party is a simple get-together among close friends and family wherein only wine, cheese, and fruits are served.  The fun part about this is the taste of wine when paired with a certain type of cheese, such as Cabernet Sauvignon with Brie de Meaux. 

You can pull off your very own wine and cheese party that you can do either on a bridal or wedding shower, or simply on a special day.  Even if you have no idea about wine or cheese, you can still have your fun wine and cheese party by following these suggestions.


A wine and cheese party can either be just a simple and casual gathering or you can go to an elegant party complete with themes on the decorations.  Set-up your room, depending on how much space you have as well as its shape, to go along with the party.

You can put up the table either as a long buffet table leaned against a wall, or by having several small tables with each topped with certain wines and their complimentary cheeses.  You can also add some small fruit like grapes, apple slices, or even pitted olives.


Simplicity is the keyword in creating a wine and cheese party.  It should be somewhat elegant without having to be too extravagant.  White tablecloths cover the tables, then top them with white candles or a seasonal décor such as pine boughs for Christmas or cherry blossoms for spring.  You can even put up a three-tiered centerpiece filled with different kinds of grapes, which go very well with wine and cheese, then place it at the center of your long table.

Provide information

You may also want to impart about the wines and cheeses on the party.  As wine bottles already have labels, you can also put labels for each type of cheese, stating the name and general flavor.  You can expound on the idea by adding the origin of the cheese and probably some history.  Each section of cheese can have its own cutting board and cutter.

Glasses and plates

Each wine tastes bests when served with a particular shape of glass.  Sparkling white wine, for instance, is served best when poured on a fluted glass.  It brings out the sparkling appearance of the wine and, to some extent, enhances its sweet flavor. 

Meanwhile, red wine should be poured on round, ball-shaped glasses.  Make sure you have enough number of each type of glass on the table so your guests can be assured of having the right glass at all times.

When choosing for plates, you can go for the thematic such as paintings of grapes or bottles of wine.  You can also choose an eclectic collection of antique plates for a more relaxed feel.  Make sure you have more than enough little plates for your guests.

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