Tobi Fashionable

With every conceivable business or industry going online, you may never have to (or never want to) leave your desktop again. Shopping is not exception.

The biggest department store names and designer labels offer online shopping. Seriously. Name one brand or label that doesn’t have that little cart that says "add to cart" or at least a sign that says "you cart/bag is empty". This online shopping site called is no exception as well.

cAnd like other sites, it also allows you to avoid lines, crowds, and having to carry paper bags and boxes.

Like other shopping sites, it also has a lookbook so you can visualize what items look like together when you put them on.

What sets apart from its counterparts, is that it adds a personal touch to its services. For instance, you can email and/or chat with’s chief stylist for queries, suggestions, comments, etc.

Aside form that, aims to go beyond the store-client relationship by:

  • Remembering who you are, your style, preferences, even your dress size.

  • Always having someone you can speak with if you want to return items, or are looking for something new.

  • Offering style and fashion tips, even beauty and skin care tips and blogs. may just be the the most personal non face-to-face shopping experience you’ll ever have. So, what do you say? Tobi or not Tobi?

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