Quick Lip Gloss Application

lip glossUnlike lipstick that gives color to your lips, your lip gloss could bring out the best in you as you apply it to bring out a more natural look to women.  However, many women still have a hard time applying lip gloss, and these tips can help them altogether.

Choose an appropriate lip gloss

Make sure that you are choosing a lip gloss and not lipstick.  The color should be lighter and more subdued.  It should also provide glossy lips.

Use a lip brush

Rolling your lip gloss across your lips may not be a good idea even if you have seen TV shows that featured actresses who rub the lip gloss like a crayon.  It is best to apply your lip gloss using a lip brush as you can control your application better.  Look for lip brushes that have a cap on one end so you do not have to worry about the bristles getting frayed.

Start in the middle

Just like applying your lipstick, your lip gloss should also begin at the middle of your lower lip then work the color to the outer edges.  You can either use a lip brush or the applicator that comes with the lip gloss.

Do not use too much lip gloss

Applying lip gloss should be just enough to give off the shine on your lips.  Putting too much lip gloss would appear like you have eaten a whole pig as your lips appear greasy rather than glossy.

Avoid rubbing lips

To keep your lips shiny throughout the day, avoid rubbing your lips against each other.  Doing so only rubs off the shine of your lip gloss.

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