Top 10 Most Popular Female Tattoo Designs

woman tattooOver the years, tattoos have increased in popularity and perhaps lost a bit of the stigma attached to them. Tattoos have become so popular that even women – more and more of them – are getting tattoos (huge enough for men).

For most women though, they prefer to get girlie tattoos and have them done fairly discreet spots on their bodies.

Top 10 female tattoo designs

Butterfly designs – butterfly tattoos top the list of the most popular female tattoo designs. The butterfly tattoo is very feminine and doesn’t have to be big. The butterfly has been associated with rebirth or transformation, and most women like that about this design, and can relate to it.

Tribal tattoos – tribal designs are as popular with women as they are with men. Though most women prefer their tribal tattoos to have softer, curving lines. Modern tribal tattoos usually do not have links to a particular tribe, and have no real meaning, though most are based on Kenyah, Borneo, and Polynesian tattoo designs.

Stars (shooting stars) – star tattoos are popular with women because they are typically small and simple in design. The star is one of the oldest symbols. Different beliefs and meanings have been associated with stars, and they are an important image in many religions.

Flower designs – flowers are definitely feminine. The emergence of the flower tattoo design is part of a development of the recent decades which sort of signaled that it’s okay for women to get tattoos. The flower, especially the rose, is steeped with meaning. It is used as symbol of love, beauty, youth, etc.

Fairy tattoos – fairies are another favorite tattoo design among women. Compared to the other designs, the fairy is a recent development. Fairies are popular in fantasy and/or children’s books. This is why women like getting fairy tattoos: they are very cute and they call to mind happy childhood memories.

Heart designs – hearts have been popular designs for quite a while now. Women like the heart design because it symbolizes love, romance, passion.

Dragonfly – women typically do not like insects. But the dragonfly design is popular with them. Perhaps because they are less fanciful and flighty than fairies and butterflies, but are just as beautiful and feminine.

Dolphin tattoos – dolphins are popular because they can be drawn in many ways. The dolphin design can even be adapted to different tattoo styles like Celtic and tribal styles. Dolphins are also associated with joy and abundance. They are also symbolic and has come to represent a benevolent protector.

Celtic – tattoos are popular because of its timeless beauty and elaborate design. They are usually a combination of elements and can adopt various tattoo designs.

Zodiac – most people think that the zodiac is a good option for a first tattoo because it represents them (their birth month). They can also be drawn in various styles and need not be huge in size.

Top 10 female tattoo locations

Most women prefer to have their tattoo done in hidden spots (which is perfect for a conservative work environment). Though they are hidden in discreet locations, they are certainly tantalizing when glimpsed.

  1. Lower back

  2. Back of the neck

  3. Pubic area (just below the panty line)

  4. Hip

  5. On the back, near the shoulder

  6. Inside of the wrist

  7. Above the ankle

  8. Feet

  9. Upper arm

  10. Calves

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