Bridal Hairstyle Ideas

Bridal hairstyleA woman’s hair is her crowning glory. And on her wedding day, a woman’s locks should be no less than perfect.

Fortunately, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle on your big day.

Hairstyles for long hair


For women who want to display their perfect tresses, opt for waves – be it lose, or structured or tousled. Waved add texture and just a hint of sexiness to your whole look. Waves work not only for long hair, but for short locks as well.


Buns are the best option when your gown is strapless. They add a degree of elegance to your look, whether you wear a sleek and high chignon on your head, or an, off-center bun on the nape of your neck.


Braids, whether a sleek, French braid, or loose two-braided sections tied at the end, can be both classic and modern.

Hairstyles for medium length


Medium length hair can also be done up in a bun. Locks are wrapped around a ‘cushion’ to create the bun shape and add volume.


The flip is best for medium length hairs. It creates a classic, girly look. Add a beaded or crystal headband for a touch of old-school glamor.

Soft bob

This sleek down ‘do is also perfect for medium length hairs. Use a flat iron to smooth out waves or kinks. Iron the ends inwards to create that slightest of curves. This look is simple yet polished.


Curl hair in soft rings. Draw hair away from the face and pin them on the sides of your head with beaded hairpins for a sweet and classic look.

Hairstyles for short hair

Cropped bob

Style your choppy hair in such a way that it rests softly on your head and across your forehead, in piecey layers. Add a glittery or feathery headband for a sweet yet edgy look.


Piecey updo

Pull your spikey short hair into a beaded or crystal headband to create more sophisticated look. Use a zigzag headband (underneath the bejeweled one) to created the ‘rows’ or pieces.

Wavy bob

Chin-length hair can be styled in loose waves to create a classic 30s look.

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