Valentine Gifts For Her

valentine dayWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, boyfriends and husbands are most likely on a mad hunt for the perfect Valentine’s gift for their perfect gal. If have been listening to your girl, you might have caught some hints – girls are good at dropping hints – about what she would like to get. If not, maybe you can do some snooping (bug her girlfriends if you must) – or you can just pay close attention to boutique items that she checks out or the things she likes to do. To help you in your quest, below is a list of a few things that girls love.


Girls love anything that has to do with fashion so you might want to check out the following:

Handbag – make that "designer" handbags.

Shoes – think fabulous high heels – preferably Manolo Blahniks and Christian Louboutins.

Clothes – girls love clothes. Lots of them.

Makeup and perfume


Body and skin care

Girls love to be pampered. You might want to get her any of the following:

Spa gift certificates

Bath sets

Skin and facial care sets

Visit or for skin care, make up and bath and body products.


If your girl is conscious about her health and figure, surprise her with any of these:

Gourmet tea (or coffee) packages

Organic gift basket/Gourmet gift basket

Post-workout revival kit

Victoria’s secret luxe lounge sets – so she’ll look and feel hot while working out.

Check out for gift basket ideas.


Valentine’s day is a day when couples like to be intimate. After your date at a fancy restaurant, go ahead and get her the following:

A bottle of good wine

Scented candles

Victoria’s secret lingerie

Romantic gift baskets – check out the Venus’ Love Hamper at It has a champagne truffles, sensual bath truffles, zen vitality candle set, honey dust, massage therapy kit and "I Love Yo" pebbles.

Visit for other romantic gift hampers and other gift ideas.

If all else fails, you can always give her something you made. If you have a knack for drawing, you can make a portrait of your girlfriend or wife (go a lâ Titanic, if you want!) or if you have a talent for making music, why not compose a love song for her. She will definitely enjoy them, as much a pair of Louboutin heels.

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