Fendi Micro Anniversary Baguette

Fendi Micro Anniversary Baguette

Italian luxury fashion house has created The Micro Anniversary baguette as part of their limited edition collection, the 10+, to celebrate the "It" bag’s 10th anniversary.

You might not be hankering for yet another baguette, since Carrie Bradshaw made it a must-have for the millions of Sex and the City fans and fashionistas.

But, according to Elle magazine’s website, Fendi will release the all-white canvass bag along with a complete set of 10 Pantone markers. The fashion house will also be releasing quilted leather versions of the 10 shades.

The quilted leather version of the Micro Anniversary baguette is designed with leather lining, silver tone logo in front and a chain strap. Inside, the baguette has bill slots and seven card slots.

The Micro Anniversary baguette, especially in pink, makes for the perfect Valentine’s gift. However, it is styled using gold tone hardware, but has the rest of micro baguette’s features.

The Micro Anniversary baguette in quilted embossed leather is available for $580.00 – $625.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Image source: Saks Fifth Avenue

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